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About Us


a father holding a baby girlBaby Morning was first launched in 2014 when the founder, Ricky, had his first child and entered into parenthood for the very first time. He and his wife would find themselves spending hours searching online and reading reviews, just to find those useful and clever baby products that would make their lives easier, and their son a bit happier. They would find themselves amongst other parents who would be very excited when they found some useful quality products for their babies and kids. And that’s how Baby Morning was born, with the aim to source quality, safe, useful, and fun products for the babies, and to give parents, especially first time parents, a little help.


aNow fast forward 5 years, Ricky and his wife found themselves in a different situation. Their son will be going to kindy next year, and for the last couple of months, they’ve been busy searching and enrolling their son into a school, researching and buying lots of beautiful and practical school essential products such as lunch boxes, pencil cases, drink bottles, and cute pens and pencils. Yet again, they would find themselves amongst parents that are very excitited discovering practical quality products for their kids! And as their son’s grown, Baby Morning has also grown, and now aiming to become a one-stop-shop for all practical, beautiful, fun, and quality school essential products!

Happy shopping!

Hope you are as excited as us!